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Author: Numero

Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 6 Revealed

Loving is the greatest gift a 6 can give or receive. Those with soul urge 6 are caregivers. They live to love others and care for them, sometimes at the expense of their own needs. Do you enjoy making sacrifices for others? Do you crave recognition for the good you do? Then you are true to your soul urge. Harmony, balance, justice and truth matter deeply to those with soul urge number 6. As a 6, you tend to avoid conflict and are quick to compromise. This does not mean you allow others to walk all over you. Your...

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Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 5 Revealed

Soul urge number 5 seeks freedom. You crave travel and the new experiences and people that come with it. Each new idea excites you. Your enthusiasm transports both you and those around you. This makes you an invaluable leader even if the responsibilities of leadership do not always appeal to you. Your search for freedom defines you. Your nature is enthusiastic, passionate and at times impetuous. Social 5s As a 5 you make friends quickly and easily. Keeping friends is more difficult. New people excite you. The effort involved in maintaining friendships does not. Your lack of consistency frustrates...

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Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 4 Revealed

Do you find you crave stability and order? Do you have a system for everything? Do you need goals in order to function? Chances are you have soul urge number 4. This soul urge is driven by the need for structure. Soul urge number 4 individuals desire an order that is impossible to achieve. Life rarely cooperates with every plan. This makes you, as a 4, persistent. Don’t be frustrated by the constant setbacks life provides. These setbacks help you grow. You secretly crave them. They give you an opportunity to plan and organize. Four is a stable number....

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Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 3 Revealed

Three is a powerful number, and so are those with soul urge number 3. If your soul urge number is 3, you are ambitious. You crave greatness and have the strength of will to achieve it. Your creativity, enthusiasm, optimism, sociability, and cheerful attitude propel you towards your goals, however lofty. Chances are you spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Nothing makes you happier than accomplishing something that your descendants are guaranteed to remember. Social 3s Your good nature is infectious. You are at the center of every exciting conversation. Your friends refer to you as...

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Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 2 Revealed

People with soul urge number 2 are motivated by friendship and partnership. Rather than leading, you desire to cooperate with a team. People are your passion. Nothing is more satisfying to you than working with a group of people to harmonious effect. A peaceful work environment is important to you. You are happiest when everyone is getting along well, and are willing to work hard to make this possible. Social 2 People with soul urge 2 seek deep and meaningful friendships. You want nothing more than to connect with others and enjoy their company. Your caring nature draws people...

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