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Secrets Of Personal Year 5 Revealed

Every number in numerology stands for something. You can use numerology to help determine which careers you should try and to see how personal characteristics can be used in positive ways. Each number in numerology has both a negative and positive side. If you want to use numerology to see how you should encounter goals and challenges throughout the current year you are in, then learn what your personal number is. Here you can explore the personal year 5 and how you can see if this is your number for the year. How To Determine Your Personal Year Number...

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Secrets Of Personal Year 4 Revealed

In numerology, each number has a meaning. Every number is used to help determine a person’s strengths and weaknesses, personality, and other factors specific to them. Numerology also helps predict how a person’s year is going to go. Learn what a personal year number is and how a having a personal year 4 can benefit you. How To Determine Your Personal Year Number A personal year number changes from year to year. You can determine your personal year number by doing a bit of addition. Simply add your birth month and year together, reducing the number you have until...

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Secrets Of Personal Year 3 Revealed

Numerology is the art of using numbers to help guide you through life. Numbers can be used to help determine your personality and certain strengths and weaknesses of your character. They can also be used to guide you through your year, once you know what your personal year is. You have a different personal year number for every calendar year, and each number has a positive and negative side to it for balance. Here is a guide to determining how to decide your personal year, and if it’s a 3, what you can expect as your year progresses. How...

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Secrets Of Personal Year 2 Revealed

You can calculate your personal year number by adding the values of your birth together. By adding the month, day and the current year together and then simplifying the figure, you’ll arrive at a single digit number (in most circumstances). This number is considered your personal year number and it can offer tips, advice and strategies to help you successfully complete your year. If you’ve figured your numbers and arrived at the personal year number two, you can expect a year full of individual development, patience and tolerance. Personal Year Two: Interpretation After you’ve spent personal year one in...

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Secrets Of Personal Year 1 Revealed

A person can calculate their personal year number by adding the values of their birth month, day and the current year together. After simplifying this number to a single digit (in most circumstances), you can uncover interesting and helpful tips to help you prepare and conquer your year. If you’ve added your numbers together and arrived at the personal year number one, you can expect a time of new beginnings and surplus energy. Personal Year One: Interpretation Personal year numerology comes in nine-year cycles, so arriving at personal year one means you’re embarking on, not only a new year,...

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