People with destiny number two (aka ‘expression number 2’) will grow exponentially during life. They will become a mediator and peacemaker because of their general sensitivity to other’s feelings. They have a delicate nature that allows them to remain unbiased and handle the most difficult situations with diplomacy and grace. Throughout life they’ll gain a spiritual sense of the world as well as a vast understanding of people.


The Expression Number 2 Personality…

Twos are gentle, diplomatic, adaptive, calm, sensitive, considerate, emotional, detailed and balanced. They are socially intuitive and supportive. Their friendly nature helps others to feel comfortable around them, and they despise arguments. Their gentle nature makes them overly sensitive in disagreements, and twos will experience low self-esteem in relationships that involve a lot of arguing. They’re keenly aware of the needs of the people around them, which means friends are never in short supply. Twos find that the nicer things in life are necessity, but they also value the small, kind gestures of others. They have an artistic vigor, and later in life they’ll find comfort in meditation and the outdoors.

Twos generally have excellent self-esteem, and strictly follow the golden rule, which makes friends easy to come by. Positive life circumstances will allow them to grow and shine.

The same qualities that make twos excellent at negotiating can also make them appear weak, submissive and indifferent. They fear quarreling and unplanned changes, as well as being alone and making errors.

Destiny Number 2Career

People with the destiny number two are lovers of the arts, and that naturally makes them excellent actors, dancers, poets or writers. Since twos are also nurturing and selfless, they will excel in the healthcare field. Jobs like nursing, psychiatry, social work, teaching and doctoring are positions that fit twos well. Career choices and voluntary pursuits that benefit others put twos in a position to prosper.

Since quarreling doesn’t bode well for people with these destiny numbers, any job involving a competitive working atmosphere will be uncomfortable.

Love And Family

Expression number 2 loves deeply, intimately and effortlessly. A partner that doesn’t appreciate a two’s kind and nurturing nature will take advantage of them. However, being in a relationship with a person who is too dependent will end in failure, too. If they are wronged twos will often promise not to love again, but these feelings subside quickly.

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It has been reported that twos often have issues with mental wellbeing. They’re indecisiveness can often cloud their mind and make them disillusioned. Reality and fantasy merge and they becoming unreasonable, which results in mental unbalance. Twos that are overly sensitive struggle with nervous tension, too.


Since nurturing and keeping the peace are integral parts of a twos psyche, maintaining patience, balance and tolerance is important to their overall happiness. Being true to their inner calling is important to remember, but not at the sake of losing themselves. Because they are often so focused on others, they put their own needs and desires on the backburner. Learning to balance the scale is vital in order to live a happy, stable and fulfilling life.