From the moment we’re born, numbers are all around us. They are used as a quantifiable value for countless things in life, and people have been contemplating their effects for thousands of years. Numbers represent more than just a simple value; they are powerful symbolic expressions that affect all aspects of nature and technology. Numbers give us goals, direction and a sense of who we are. They begin shaping us long before we even understand their numerical or worldly importance.

Words and dates can be reduced down to a single number based on numerology. This value is called a vibratory number and each has a significant meaning. Your vibratory number, or life path number, can be reached by adding up the sum of the digits in your date of birth and arriving at a single digit number. The vibratory number that is calculated can indicate specifics about who you are and where you’re going.


Details Your Number Will Provide

The vibratory number that you arrive at will provide an outline of the obstacles, opportunities, talents, personality traits, relationships and monetary investments that you’ll encounter throughout life. Your life path number should be used as a guide that gives you tailored insight into your journey.

Your vibratory number will hint at areas of strength and weakness. Thus, providing you an idea of the areas where you will excel and where you’ll need to focus on improvement. Your life path number should be used as a tool for self-discovery.

Birthday NumerologyNumerology Birth Date Calculations

Birthday numerology is used to reduce your birth date to a vibratory number by adding the day of the month, the number of the month and all the digits that make up the year. By adding the month, day and year together, you can arrive at a single digit number that will tell you about your personality, past and future. For days and year, each number will be calculated individually, then, simplified down until you’ve arrived at a single digit. This is the process unless you arrive at a master number (11 or 22).

It’s important to understand how each number is broke down. The chart below displays how to calculate the month associated with your birthday.

October10 = 1+0 = 1
November11 = 1+1 = 2
December12 = 1+2 = 3


As an example, if your birthday were September 27, 1970, you’d calculate the date like this:

September = 9            27th = 2+7 = 9              1970 = 1+9+7+0 = 17 = 1+7 = 8

Total: 9 (Month) + 9 (Day) = 8 (Year) = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

Vibratory Number = 8

How To Use It

Calculating your birthday numerology can provide specific insight on how the date and time of your birth might influence your life. It is important to note, that while these numbers are important to consider, they should be used as a guide rather than a timeline. You are responsible for creating your own path at your own pace.