A destiny number, also commonly referred to as the expression number, is a factor that is determined by a code that comes from the letters that make up your birth name. The number represents certain elements, characteristics, opportunities, talents and achievements that compound into your life’s purpose. The corresponding number to your name identifies the type of goals and lifestyle you should aspire to build, and the person you should strive to become.

There are nine destiny numbers in total. Each expression (or number) is different from the others, and people are urged to learn and conquer the goals described within their designated number. By learning to work with what you have and overcoming your shortcomings (as noted within your number’s description), you can tap into your full potential. Please note that your individual names (first, middle and last) can also have separate meanings from the whole number.


How To Calculate Your Destiny Number

As mentioned above, you can calculate your destiny number by tallying a code that corresponds with your full birth name. Each letter in your name represents a number. The conversion chart below identifies the number to letter association. Again, do not use nicknames or married names. You must use your whole birth name to get accurate results (omitting suffixes).



Separately calculate your first, middle (if you have one) and last name. If the sum of your numbers is a two-digit factor, calculate the number down to one digit.

For example: Amber May Gibson

A = 1                M = 4               G = 7

M = 4               A = 1                I = 9

B = 2                Y = 7                B = 2

E = 5                                        S = 1

R = 9                                       O = 6

N = 5

Amber (1+4+2+5+9) = 21 (two digit rule) 2+1 = 3

May (4+1+7) = 12 (two digit rule) 1+2 = 3

Gibson (7+9+2+1+6+5= 30 (two digit rule) 3+ 0 = 3

Individual Names

Before coming to one destiny number by adding all three numbers from your first, middle and last name together, you can interpret what each name represents a part of the whole number.


The number associated with your first name is the unique to you. It is the most unaffected by your family and heritage.


Your middle name number identifies hidden elements (like unknown talents).


Your last name is directly connected to your family and heritage. It describes what you’ve received from your family and what you’ll give future generations.

How To Calculate Your Destiny NumberYour Destiny Number / Expression Number

After calculating each name individually and arriving at three separate sums, you’ll then add the total from each name together to arrive at your expression number.

For example:

(Amber) 3 + (May) 3 + (Gibson) 3 = 9

The destiny number for Amber May Gibson is 9.