Destiny number one (aka ‘expression number 1’), the sign of the sun, is a positive number to possess. It is often associated with many great traits that contribute to a person being a strong leader and independent thinker. Their trailblazing nature inspires coworkers and friends to step outside their comfort zones. Their independence and vitality make them successful, and they will often have a steady flow of money and wealth.


The Expression Number 1 Personality…

Ones are known for their patience and persistence. They are happy, materialistic, driven, clever, attractive, independent, sincere, focused, logical and intelligent. Since ones are fruitful in life, they should couple these qualities with a sense of humor. Maintaining the ability to relate to others through humor keeps them grounded, and allows ones to avoid egocentricity and superiority.

Mistakes are rare, but when they do happen, it causes ones extreme frustration. However, errors can be a helpful dose of reality to combat self-centeredness that often accompanies success.

Destiny Number 1Career

With maturity, ones only get more ambitious and determined.

Their drive, focus and ambition that expression number 1 people posses mean they will excel in positions of power. They will likely be CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives or promoter. They are problem solvers that are quick to act. These qualities bode well in positions of importance.

A one’s purpose in life is to solve problems. Issues involving the environment and psychology allow them to thrive and make the greatest differences in the world around them. However, they are fiercely independent. They do not work well within a group because they will thwart others.

Love And Family

Their aggressive nature makes them difficult to live with. People possessing a destiny number one aren’t what you’d consider romantics, but are very loyal in marriage. Ones desire companionship and will often have many relationships before settling down. This is a direct result of having overly high expectations of their mates.

They tend to be single-minded, often focusing solely on their careers because they thrive on success that is quantifiable. They expect praise and encouragement from their mates, but often don’t reciprocate those acts. Their relationships get thrown on the backburner because their immense desire to be successful professionally.


This destiny number is associated with excellent health and spiritual wellness. Ones are considered to be lucky and clairvoyant.


Since ones frequently spend their life in a position of power, they can have very large egos and appear pushy. If a one loses their humility they can become incorrigible and self-destructive. Their hunger for success can result in unachievable goals, and this can lead to frustration as well as low-self esteem.

A one’s fear of being “caught in a rut” makes them quick to jump the gun to avoid a monotonous lifestyle. Their aggressive and domineering nature has the tendency to make them difficult to relate to, which means they will appear self-centered and egotistical. Creating a tactical plan can help ones to achieve goals without the need for excessive forcefulness. Learning to manage a balance is vital to maintain relationships.