The destiny number 22 (aka ‘expression number 22’) is considered a master number. It can be kept as a double-digit number or reduced down to a single digit (four). This number is considered the master builder, and people with this destiny number will likely reach and surpass all their dreams while making a strong impact on others. Twenty-twos will assume great responsibility during life, and their huge achievements and undertakings will give them far-reaching notoriety. They will influence the world in a practical way, and often become very wealthy and successful.


The Expression Number 22 Personality…

People with the master number 22 are born knowing what they must accomplish. They have a sense of the type of impact they can make, but the sheer amount of effort and time makes them dubious of their abilities. Because of the large responsibilities that a 22 will face, some choose to settle as a destiny number four. If this route is chosen, there will always be an emotional tug and pull. Their talents and leadership skills are far-reaching, and they will be the most successful of all destiny numbers.

Twenty-twos are disciplined, hard-working, fair, driven, successful, confident, practical, intuitive, honest, independent and powerful. They are a unique combination of destiny numbers 11 and four. Elevens are known for their strong intuition and fours for their practicality. These traits work in tandem to create a person who is both level headed and focused. Twenty-twos are full of big ideas, and they are the most likely of all the destiny numbers to accomplish them. A strong sense of self-confidence will allow them to be bold leaders.

They are excellent communicators that have a sensitive side. Their thick skin makes them appear less vulnerable, and they’re more resistant to criticism.

Even though a 22 seems predestined to make all their ideas realities, they can lack enough perseverance for their dreams to take shape. Their potential can be wasted if they lack ambition or become overwhelmed by their path. This could result in devastating failure.

Destiny Number 22Career

Almost any position is attainable for a person with this master number. Because they approach sensitive subjects with realism and delicacy, people who are born of this number make excellent doctors, CEOs, architects, counselors and diplomats. They can make the tough calls, but are sensitive to the feelings of others. Because of their divine intellect, 22s also excel in academic fields and teaching.


Expression number 22 people must choose a partner whose ambitions match their own. Once this person is found, they will be a dedicated and understanding mate and friend. They are eager to help the people they love triumph over the toughest situations.


Even though 22s are more apt to achieve greatness in life that doesn’t mean they’re less likely to face hardships. The greatest strife that a 22 must endure is learning to persevere when the odds are stacked against them, which will often happen. Though they have a much tougher exterior, 22s are internally sentimental. They must not allow the criticisms of others to sabotage them on their road to greatness.