People born with destiny number three (aka ‘expression number 3’) are built for arduous work. Their strong bodies are built to maintain the pressures around them, and they’ll likely test that theory frequently during their lifetime. They’re born lucky, which saves them from being involved in accidents and falling short financially. Threes are multi-talented, creative, energetic and artistic, and they will grow creatively and spiritually throughout life.


The Expression Number 3 Personality…

Threes are imaginative, responsible, talented, outspoken, optimistic, good-natured, generous, loyal and charming. Their energetic nature and stamina allow them to maintain large workloads and pressure. Threes are born leaders, but they don’t frequently seek the limelight. Their leadership instincts and dedication to their career help threes excel in handling extreme work stressors. They also have a magnetic charm, which means they constantly make new friends and supporters. Threes are excellent conversationalists. Their love for life encourages, motives and inspires others. Threes are foodies who enjoy the comforts of home.

It is possible for a three to spread themselves too thin. Keeping and maintaining friendships are of the utmost importance to threes, but they should not waste time worrying over trivial things. Their self-sacrificing nature can hinder their growth, and their drive to be financially successful might make them appear superficial. It is possible to develop an addictive personality if money is spent wastefully.

Destiny Number 3Career

People with destiny number three will earn money through different ventures during life. Their leadership skills, charm and work ethic make them popular and well suited for politics. Threes are also predisposed to excel in fields like business, sales, education, religion, advertising, publishing and tourism. Their giving nature will lead them to philanthropic endeavors later in life. They take pride in working hard to help others.

Threes also have a love for the arts, but only a few will select a field that puts them on stage.

Love And Family

People with expression number 3 not only have great friendships, but they also have a strong family bond. Their charm makes them an exciting lover, but they can lose interest quickly if their mate becomes boring. A weakness for sex may make them unlucky in love. This weakness may also cause various affairs.

A three’s partner will devote all their time toward creating domestic balance. Thus, the three can spend ample time working on their career.


Since a three’s career and life will likely be spent in the company of others less fortunate, they must develop a compassionate nature. They must seek a clearer understanding of others to be fruitful.

Coupled with clarity, a three must also capture the ability to be a true friend. Keeping and maintain friendships will be a huge part of a three’s life, and success will only be gained after learning the true value of companionship.

Since money will flow easily from multiple sources for most people with destiny number three, they must learn to avoid overindulgence. Threes should fight the urge to be wasteful, and instead learn to live in moderation. Becoming monetarily over excessive will lead to an addictive nature and financial hardships.