People born under destiny number six (aka ‘expression number 6’) are harmonious and nurturing, more so than any other single digit in numerology, and they work well with people from each of the nine numbers. Sixes are often the glue that holds families, friends, groups and communities together. They are domesticated and would love to live their life as a stay at home parent. Sixes are people who take control only when a situation is falling into chaos, but will avoid stepping up if possible. However, once they do take charge, they are strong leaders and negotiators.


The Expression Number 6 Personality…

People born with the destiny number six are caring, protecting, graceful, loving, charitable, nurturing, balanced, reliable, compromising, faithful and honest. They are often too self-sacrificing, and will never expect any payment or acknowledgement for their actions. Because of their instinctual need to help others and their trusting nature, they’re often taken advantage of and can be a terrible judge of character. They’re well-liked for their warm, friendly personality.

Sixes will always favor the underdog and are eager to right wrongs, even if that means being a bit of a perfectionist. If a six becomes too focused on rectifying smaller issues, they can lose sight of the bigger picture. Their infatuation with seeking truth can come off to others as slightly self-righteous. Often considered the most harmonious among all the destiny numbers, if a six falls into emotional of physical conflict, they can become the most destructive of all the numbers.

A person with this number loves to teach and guide, and will likely take on a role as a caregiver to the young, old, handicapped or less fortunate. This person can always be held accountable for their fair share. They’re willing to contribute their part, plus some.

Destiny Number 6Career

Expression number 6 people will thrive in a position that allowed them to flex their negotiating muscles, but not in a competitive arena. A person with the destiny number six will excel in the arts, promoting, fashion or beauty. Their love for people and the less fortunate can also lead them to careers in community service, ministry, counseling, law enforcement, nursing or teaching.

Love And Family

A six is driven by love, and considering their attractiveness and sex appeal; they have no issue finding people to flirt with. Sixes dislike living alone and believe that all domestic relationships are meaningful, but often find seeking a mate difficult. People with other destiny numbers are often dissuaded by their looks, and a six is often a terrible judge of character. They aren’t usually comfortable displaying affection frequently because they fear rejection.


Sixes have deep-rooted anxiety and insecurities, and this can often result in a variety of phobias. They obsess over little details, which can also cause OCD.


A six must remember to create standards that can be met. Their predilection for setting goals too high comes off demanding and can cause them to be over critical of themselves.

Sixes must learn to take things at face value. Developing this skill will allow them to avoid getting too attached to people before they show their true colors.