Did you know that the actual address you live at – the house numbers, to be exact – play a large role in the energy that surrounds you on an everyday basis? Despite growing interest in the field of numerology, many people, even those involved in numerological study, are unaware of the influence of numerology house numbers.

Importance of House Numbers

The address that you live at influences the flow and feel of your life. If you have ever lived in a home where everything felt just right, it probably was. The numbers for the house most likely added up to a numerological equivalent that perfectly suited who you were as a person. The vibrations surrounding the numbers positively influenced the energy of the house and the vibrations of you as a person.

Simply put, the vibrational matrix, associated with your house numbers, creates a sort of personality for your home. Understanding the personality of your house will help you find out whether you are a good match for it or not. Numerology house numbers can be a very helpful tool when looking to buy or rent a new home or even an apartment.

Numerology Of House NumbersHow to Calculate Your Home’s Numerology

The first step to calculating your home’s numerology is to write down your full house number. Then add these numbers together to find the sum. Finally, reduce the sum until you reach a single digit.

For example, if your house number were 485, you would add these numbers together (4 + 8 + 5) to reach 17. Then you would add these two numbers together (1 + 7) to reach 8. So, in this instance, 8 is your house’s numerological number. You live in an 8 house.

On the other hand, those that live in an apartment building will be more greatly influenced by their individual apartment number rather than the building address. So for instance, if the building is located at 485 and your apartment number is 22, you would focus on the 22. Add the two digits together (2 + 2) to reach 4. Your house number is 4.

House Number Personalities

Each house number comes with its own personality. These include:

  • One – A place to establish independence. Perfect for leaders and individuals.
  • Two – A place of devotion, family, and love. Perfect for those that require a loving and safe environment.
  • Three – A place full of joy and laughter. Perfect for optimists and those with lots of upbeat energy.
  • Four – A place to establish security and stability. Great for hard workers.
  • Five – A place to party and have fun! This house number is perfect for those that are all about fun, adventure, and progressive ideas.
  • Six – A place of beauty and nurturing. A great place for families and children.
  • Seven – A place for introspection and contemplation. Perfect for spiritual seeking and taking time for yourself.
  • Eight – A place of power and prestige. This house number should help you get ahead in the material world.
  • Nine – A place of humanitarianism. All about those that want to help the world become a better place.