Kabbalah is a way of life that was once regarded with suspicion until the likes of Madonna and Britney Spears became ardent supporters of this way of life as well as unofficial representatives of it. Numerology mixed in with Kabbalah can have a profound effect on how you view your life as it has the potential to unlock the secrets of your personality, how you view the world as well as your financial and love prospects in the future.


Kabbalah and Judaism

Kabbalah borrows heavily from Judaism as seen by its taking of the Jewish alphabet and using it in most aspects of the religion. In addition, Kabbalah numerology takes into account only a person’s name, and not the birthdate. This makes it, in the eyes of most numerologists, as an inaccurate way of finding out what your future and present holds in store for you. For most people, however, Kabbalah numerology is better than, say Pythagorean or Chaldean numerology because it is simple and straightforward.

It is said that Abraham is the father of Kabbalah numerology, and that he started it close to 4,000 years ago. Over the centuries, the art of divining one’s future based on their name and the alphabetical placement hasn’t changed that much.

How to Calculate Your Kabbalah Numerology Number

In order to calculate your Kabbalah numerology number, take into consideration your name and each letter’s numerical equivalent according to the Hebrew alphabet. Once you get each number, add them together and then divide the total value by 9. Take whatever remains and add a 1 to it to get you Kabbalah number. Once you get the result, take a look at the next paragraph to gain a better understanding of your number.

If you got 1, you are more likely to achieve progression in your life, and you’re the kind of person to move from one good opportunity to the next with relative ease. If, on the other hand your number is 2, you will experience expansion in whatever project you decide to take on. 3, symbolizes an abundance of love, and 4 is considered an unfortunate number. 5 will make you a talented creator, giving you a keen artistic eye, while 6 will bring you fulfillment in whichever area of life you choose to focus on. 7 is a magical number, and it may attract things to you that may seem out of the ordinary, albeit in a good way. 8 is attached to a dashing and charming personality, while 9 is seen as the ultimate number for those who seem to have success on their side at all times.

Kabbalah NumerologyConclusion

The thing about Kabbalah numerology is that you should make the effort to understand this Judaic way of life to get a better sense of what these numbers mean. For instance, Kabbalah places a great premium on intellectual strength; this is because they view this as the ultimate source of power for humanity. At the same time, Kabbalah tries to deal with concrete information, shying away from the abstract and philosophical musings. Once you’ve figured out your Kabbalah number, don’t forget to relate it to these aspects of the tradition to get a more holistic analysis of your name meaning.