Dale Conners was at a crossroads in his life. He’d been offered a new job, with better pay, but he’d have to move from Florida, his home state, to California, where he knew nobody. He’d be leaving his extended family and many friends, but the job would be a significant step-up in his career. To Dale, neither option felt right.

“I started seeing 555 all over the place,” he said. “I’d notice the time 5:55 on the clock every evening for like a week. I’d wake up in the early morning, look at the clock, and sure enough it’d be 5:55. I saw it on receipts, too. Once, I even got $5.55 back in change at the store.” This went on for about two weeks.


How the Universe Sends Us Signals through Numbers

The universe sends messages to us through numbers, which react to cosmic vibrations. Usually, a person will notice a three or four number sequence. The numbers will appear in perfectly normal places, and only after a while will you notice how often you’ve been seeing a particular sequence.

There are many numbers which have a specific meaning. When you know what the numbers mean, you can apply them to a situation in your life. Hopefully, the numbers will be able to guide you through a difficulty.

What Does 555 Mean?

Like a handful of nickels, the number 555 meaning is all about change. Something big is on the horizon. This doesn’t necessarily mean a bad change or a good one. Although, the quicker you know change is on the horizon, the better you’ll be able to react to it.

These changes could be big, and 555 might signal adventure. Like Cole, it could be something obvious, a clear decision between one thing or another. Or it could signal a slower type of change. Maybe a change in a relationship, or career.

Numerology Meaning Of Number 555How to React to to 555

Energies are tripled with three digit numbers. This is exciting news, no matter what the change may be. It’s time to let go of old fears and doubts. The change ahead is coming, says the 555, but its change you can handle.

For extra info, determine your Life Path Number. Knowing your innate traits and characteristics can give you insight as to how to deal with the upcoming change.

Change for the Better

In Dale’s case, he decided to take the new job. After a few months, he’d happily settled into a new life, and had made many friends. He loved his new job. Even better, his new salary allowed him to fly back home to Florida on a regular basis.

The Power of 5

Five is a powerful number in various forms of divine reading. Typically, five indicates concepts like freedom, exploration and travel. This could be physical, such as moving to a new state, or mental, such as deciding to learn a new language.

If you see three fives, think about any changes which might be on the horizon. Adventure awaits!