The number 666 has received bad karma over the last couple of thousand years, perhaps due to an error that was repeated over and over. People associate this number with the devil, the occult, bad luck and it’s even seen as the mark of the beast. This is incorrect since the earliest books covering evil and its many forms seem to state that the number 616 is the correct number instead of what we currently choose to believe at this moment in humanity’s point in the universe.

In numerology, 666 is seen as a number set that points to abundance, luck and optimism. This is because once all three numbers are added, the resultant number, a 9, is viewed as one of selflessness as well as the pursuit of a quality life. People who tend to see this number are more likely than others to get involved in giving items as well as any other resources to charitable organizations. In addition, 666 can make you become more tolerant of differences with regard to the views of other people and cultures.


666 and Sexuality

666 may also represent feminine sexuality due to its connection to Ishtar, the Egyptian Goddess of fertility and sexuality . If you are looking to get pregnant or woo your partner, seeing 666 may just be your sign to get cracking. The shape of each ‘6’, if examined closely, may resemble a baby in a mother’s womb, which in turn might signal the fact that you are or are about to get pregnant.

The number 6 represents the third eye chakra which is essentially a way of communicating with one’s intuition as well as the universal mind. The third eye chakra is also related to psychic experiences and clairvoyance, and it might just make you more sensitive to the invisible energies around you.

666 symbolizes growth and the need for individuals to give and receive love in an open manner. This number set should also serve as a reminder to be compassionate to the needs of others as well as show genuine interest in whatever they have to say to you. It thus brings you out of your self-involved shell so you can see the diversity and varied opinions of others.

The number set 666 may signal that you may be focusing too much on material success and that you should reconsider your life’s trajectory if you would like to be in alignment to your true purpose. In a way, it keeps negative qualities such as ruthlessness and greed in check so you can do what’s expected of you by the universe.

Meaning Of Angel Number 666Conclusion

666 provides you with an idealistic mindset that may help you see life in a different way, protecting you from any harsh realities that may make you bitter and jaded as you go through life. This number set allows you to maintain a sense of child-like wonder regardless of the things you go through life, giving you mental and emotional strength to weather any kind of storm that may come your way.