If you study numerology, you know that each number is used in the universe to help guide you through life. Each number has a positive and negative side designed to balance the numbers in the universe. These numbers also help determine your personality and any character flaws you may have. Personal year numbers in numerology are used to tell you what goals and aspirations you are to have throughout the current year you are in. Learn how to determine how to tell what your personal year is and what the personal year 6 means in particular.


How To Determine Your Personal Year Number

Your personal year number is determined by your birth month and day and the year that you are currently in. Take your birth day and month and add those numbers together. Reduce them until you get to a single digit number. Do the same thing with the current year you are in. When you have your 2 final digits, add them together then reduce them until you have a single digit. This is your personal year number.

Positives Of Personal Year 6

Where personal year 5 was a year of adventure and sensual exploration, personal year 6 is all about settling down and focusing on things closer to home. This is a very positive personal year number for getting things in order and really honing in on what matters. Think of your family or your personal relationships, your home, and the health and harmony of those you love around you.

Health and personal relationships are important to the personal year 6. This is the time to pay extra attention to your elderly or ill family members and to give your young children the confidence they need to grow. If you are single, the personal year 6 can help guide you in finding a person with whom you can settle down and begin starting a family.

With the personal year 6, keep harmony and responsibility at the forefront of your mind. There is nothing more important to your life right now than to make sure that everyone you love is comforted and secure, and to make amends if you have offended anyone in the past.

Personal Year 6Negatives of Personal Year 6

Since this personal year is so important, you must make family, harmony, and your personal beliefs a priority. If you don’t, you can risk becoming very depressed or losing control of your life and the things around you. The best way to stay on the positive side of this number is to focus on the right things and leave your personal hobbies, ambitions, and even work on the back burner.

If you yours is a personal year 6, you are blessed with a very important task. In keeping your family and loved ones in harmony and focusing on the intimate things that really matter in your life, you can always live on the positive side of this number and reap the rewards in doing so.