If you enjoy studying numerology, then you know each number in the universe has a meaning. The numbers for your birth day and year can help tell you about your personality and character attributes and flaws. The same can be said for your personal year. Discover how to determine what your personal year number is and what a personal year 8 can mean for you.


How To Determine Your Personal Year Number

Your personal year number is determined by your birth day and month and the current year you are in. Simple math can help you calculate your own personal year number. Take your birth month and year and add the numbers together. Reduce the final number until you get a single digit. Do the same math and reduction with the current year you are in. The 2 digits you are left with can be added together and reduced until you get a final single digit. This is your personal year number.

Positives Of The Personal Year 8

Every number in numerology has a positive side and a negative side. This creates balance in the universe. If you are having a personal year 8, then this is your year for material enrichment and focus. You will find yourself possibly receiving a raise, starting a new job, or even engaging yourself in an entrepreneurial endeavor that pays off very well.

This is also a year where you can expect respect for yourself. Dive into your strengths this year, and you will be able to receive the rewards of your efforts. Don’t back down from what you believe in, and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself to get you where you need to be financially. With a personal year 8, you will notice all of your material needs lining up nicely. All you have to do is take charge so things work in a positive way.

Personal Year 8Negatives Of The Personal Year 8

With all the enrichment, power, and material gains you can expect this year, you need to make sure you focus as well on being humble. Often, people who are having a personal year 8 can get lost in all their material gains and lose sight of family, friends, and close relationships. Don’t let this happen to you. Show your appreciation for your gains in life this year by reaching out to others, donating to charity, and acknowledging the accomplishments of others. This can help keep you humble and prevent a cocky demeanor.

If you are having a personal year 8, great things are ahead for you. You will find yourself succeeding in nearly everything you do, and you will receive great respect and praise for your accomplishments. Your job is to make sure you find a fine balance between being accomplished and being haughty, so you can truly appreciate the things you have. If you live on the positive side of this personal year, you will find yourself very successful in work and goals.