One is the first number. A symbol of new beginnings, leadership and action. Soul urge number 1 reflects a desire to, quite literally, be number one. You strive constantly for perfection. You cannot bear to let others or yourself down. You believe that you are important, and you are right. Individuals with soul urge number 1 feel a driving force to make a difference. It is a heart’s desire common among pioneers and leaders. You are a natural leader, eager to create and affect change.


Social 1

Following is not in your nature. The need for independence informs every aspect of your life. Other people look to you for direction, confirming your belief that you are the only qualified leader. Often you are right. You are intelligent and insightful. Your perspective does not always align with conventional views, something that those looking up to you respect. Your enthusiasm and commitment are infectious. Those who follow you quickly share your beliefs. Your belief that you are at the center of everything drives you to succeed. This self-centered attitude empowers you to treat everything you do with the seriousness required of a born leader. It can also work against you.

Emotions are not your strong suit. You see the big picture rather than the individuals. This does not mean you eschew relationships. You are a loyal friend and fair in all your dealings, whether business or personal. Take care that you do not overlook the feelings of others. Your dominant nature can easily overpower others, including your partner and family. If you have a soul urge number 1, then working on developing friendliness and sincerity in your relationships will save you a world of trouble.

Soul Urge Number 1Careers For 1s

Your strong convictions require an audience. You do well in positions of leadership and authority, regardless of the field. Work hard and rise to the top. You will never be satisfied working on the lower rungs of the business hierarchy. Your work ethic and ability to make the right decisions even under pressure aids you in your quest for purpose.

Ones make good entrepreneurs. As a one, you have the drive and the motivation to make a plan and stick with it. Your business ventures tend to be successful and profitable. You do not shy from responsibility, you embrace it. Your tendency to criticize without taking kindly to criticism means that you chafe at the bit unless you are the boss.

Romance And 1

You need a supportive partner as a one. Your belief that you know best will cause conflict in your relationships. Loving a leader is not easy. Be patient with your partner and be sure to remind him or her how much you care and appreciate how patient he or she is with you.

Negative Nature

Remember that not everyone wants to be led. Your weaknesses lie in the very qualities that make you such a compelling individual. The number of people who look up to you furthers your perception that you are at the center of everything. Your need to be the center of attention is a double edged sword. It drives you to push your own limits of success. It also comes across as arrogance. Surround yourself with people who are willing to share your beliefs. Sharing the spotlight is not in your nature. Competition can reveal an unflattering side of you that is best left unseen. Be wary of the dark side of this soul urge. You must try to avoid it in order to become the leader and innovator you want to be.