People with soul urge number 2 are motivated by friendship and partnership. Rather than leading, you desire to cooperate with a team. People are your passion. Nothing is more satisfying to you than working with a group of people to harmonious effect. A peaceful work environment is important to you. You are happiest when everyone is getting along well, and are willing to work hard to make this possible.


Social 2

People with soul urge 2 seek deep and meaningful friendships. You want nothing more than to connect with others and enjoy their company. Your caring nature draws people to you, and your tact and diplomacy keeps them close. No one has ever accused you of being insensitive. Far from it. The feelings of others are almost more important to you than your own. Luckily, your affectionate, loving nature attracts people to you who care about you.

The soul urge 2 nature is sensitive and emotional. This does not mean it is weak. If you are a soul number 2, chances are you’re very persuasive in your own way. Your diplomacy and ability to understand and empathize with others gives you your own persuasive capabilities. There is no need to dominate when you can convince others through kindness, compassion and trust.

You do not respond well when others attempt to make plans for you. You resent the implication that you do not have things under control. Your laid back nature requires like minded individuals. Overly strong or dominating personalities offend you.

Soul Urge Number 2Careers For 2

You are a peacekeeper. Careers that bring out this part of your nature both fulfill you and cause you stress. You are also creative. These qualities, combined with your love of teamwork, make you a very desirable employee. You work well with others and while you enjoy being alone, you have difficulty staying on task. A social work environment is important for your well being.

Romance And 2

Your love for others extends to a desire to be loved. You secretly wish that everyone loved and admired you, especially that special someone. Finding your romantic partner and having your feelings returned is the culmination of your heart’s desire.

You see the good in others. Your faith in other people is sometimes misplaced. Twos tend to take it personally when someone lets them down. This causes problems in romantic relationships. Be open with your partner and accept that everyone makes mistakes. Taking things too personally is damaging for a relationship.

Negative Nature

Your sensitive nature can backfire. Some twos are too sensitive. Don’t allow your ego to get bruised over the little things. Remember that not everyone is as emotionally intuitive as you. Being too easy going is also dangerous. Don’t be afraid to tell someone if they cross a line. Are you timid? Fearful? So are many other twos. Work hard to overcome these qualities as they can limit the number of wonderful people in your life.