What is your Soul Urge Number? It’s a number numerologists use to reveal the deepest, most inner you. It is the basis of your personality, and is also known as the Heart’s Desire Number. Your Soul Urge is what drives you and motivates you.

It is what truly makes you who you are at the most basic level. When your Soul Urge Number is 22, you possess the power of the number that represents The Master Builder.


Characteristics of The Master Builder

In numerology, a Master Number is an amplified version of the number, so 22 has a lot of the same characteristics of 4. When you are looking at a Soul Urge Number 4, you see a person who is logical, organized, detail oriented and honest. They like things predictable, practical and dependable. You can count on 4’s to get the job done, and they are going to make sure everyone gets on board the bus on time. Soul Urge Number 22’s take this to the next level, organizing, planning and creating, and this number has more power than all the other numbers. They are visionaries and big thinkers who aren’t afraid of any challenge or obstacle.

22 is known in numerology as the Master Builder. This means they are the grand visionary, the great architect of putting it all together. 22’s are highly intelligent people, with a common sense approach to life’s problems. They want to have a lasting affect on the world by building something that will remain long after they are gone or leading people to a better future. Soul Urge Number 22’s possess leadership capabilities that inspire loyalty. Followers are willing to go to the front lines for 22’s cause. Soul Urge Number 22’s are also creative diplomats who are idealistic and see the wide view of things. They can also be a bit eccentric. One thing 22’s have to watch out for is keeping their ego in check. It’s hard to be humble when you are making such considerable contributions to the world. They need to be careful not to give in to their more grandiose tendencies.

Soul Urge Number 22Are You A 22?

It is easy to figure out your Soul Urge Number. First, write out the full name that is on your Birth Certificate, even if it is different from the name you are using now. The Soul Urge number is based on the vowels of your name. List the vowels in your name and then assign the following values to each number. A=1, E=5, 1=9, O=6, and U=3. Add up those numbers, and reduce the total down to a single digit by adding them together. The three exceptions to this rule are the numbers 11, 22 and 33. These are the Master Numbers and do not get reduced. Once you find your single digit or Master Number, you have found your Soul Urge Number. Give it a try! You may just find out you are a powerful Master Builder!