Do you find you crave stability and order? Do you have a system for everything? Do you need goals in order to function? Chances are you have soul urge number 4. This soul urge is driven by the need for structure.

Soul urge number 4 individuals desire an order that is impossible to achieve. Life rarely cooperates with every plan. This makes you, as a 4, persistent. Don’t be frustrated by the constant setbacks life provides. These setbacks help you grow. You secretly crave them. They give you an opportunity to plan and organize.

Four is a stable number. It is the number of builders, law and order. You appreciate these qualities and reflect them in your own nature. You are practical, conservative, and strong. Your patience and persistence pays off in career and social spheres, and you tend to defend the weak.


Social 4s

Your friends know you are a loving and stable influence. You can also be blunt and rude. You never mean to hurt their feelings. Your practical nature and desire for order sometimes overrides your ability to intuit others’ emotional needs. Emotional intelligence is not your strong suit. You have trouble intuiting the needs of others, especially those more driven by emotion. It is important for fours to remind the ones they love that they love them. Don’t assume your loved ones know how you feel. Make an effort to tell them how important they are to you.

Your loved ones do not always cooperate with the ordered world you build for yourself. Avoid trying to enforce order on others. The attempt will frustrate both of you and can damage the relationship.

Careers For 4s

You crave order and stability. You are also quick to violate the law if you believe the law is wrong. Your rebel nature may not make sense to others. You are balanced and practical. What they do not understand is that you have very firm ideas about right and wrong and feel it is your duty to implement them. Effecting necessary change is as important to you as is upholding order.

You desire to improve the world. Politics or a spiritual calling suits your nature and fulfills you. Money is only important to you in that it allows you to be generous to others. Your generosity leads others to believe you have more material wealth than you actually possess.

Romance And 4s

You have a hard time opening up to others. This conflicts directly with the deep feelings of love and affection you feel for your partner. It will always be difficult for you to share your deepest secrets and feelings. The effort is worth it however.

Soul Urge Number 4Negative Nature

There are several qualities in your nature you need to be cautious of as a 4. Your inability to open up and to trust others is damaging to your interpersonal relations. Your tendency to criticize does not enrich your life. It only offends others, alienating potential friends, allies, and lovers. Make an effort to appreciate the good in others.

You have a hard time expressing emotion and so you compensate with generosity. Be careful about spending beyond your means. Sometimes a kind word is more meaningful than an expensive gift.

Connecting with others is difficult for you. Push through it. Solitude is not good for people with soul urge number 4. You need other people to balance you out, no matter how organized you believe your life to be. Remember that disruption builds character. Embrace the duality of order. Order comes from chaos, and one cannot exist without the other.