Soul urge number 5 seeks freedom. You crave travel and the new experiences and people that come with it. Each new idea excites you. Your enthusiasm transports both you and those around you. This makes you an invaluable leader even if the responsibilities of leadership do not always appeal to you.

Your search for freedom defines you. Your nature is enthusiastic, passionate and at times impetuous.


Social 5s

As a 5 you make friends quickly and easily. Keeping friends is more difficult. New people excite you. The effort involved in maintaining friendships does not. Your lack of consistency frustrates your friends and leads to friendships that end badly. It is hard for you to realize that this is your fault. You feel deceived and let down. Those with soul urge number 5 abhor loneliness. Luckily for you, you make new friends almost immediately. Use each new friendship as a chance to work on your tendency to get distracted. One day you will be ready for the long lasting relationships you crave.

Your adaptability and intuition make you easy to approach and confide in. Your friends love talking with you and being around your energy. This is why they get hurt when your attention moves elsewhere.

Change excites you everywhere except your home. Your ability to embrace change depends upon the stability of your private world. You become very upset with that is disrupted. You hate when other people touch your things or rearrange them.

Soul Urge Number 5Careers For 5s

Your love of change and new ideas makes you an excellent entrepreneur, provided you make an effort to follow through. You love thinking of new ways to make money and enjoy the risk of new enterprises.

All types of people interest you. Choose a career that excites you. A career that does not interest you quickly begins to stifle your creativity. Freedom seeking fives rebel against this. You will not stay long in a career that makes you feel trapped. Consider a job that requires travel or exploration. Your people oriented personality does well in fields where you encounter new faces regularly. Your ability to connect with others is invaluable to employers. Networking comes easily to you, and those you meet do not forget your energetic persona.

Romance And 5s

Your passion for freedom and inconsistent nature conflicts with your boundless ability to love. Finding someone who you trust and who understands the real you is difficult. The ease with which you attract others sometimes works against you. It is tempting to move on the minute things become difficult, especially when you have so many options. It is hard for you to be patient.

Negative Nature

Your tendency towards impetuous action gets you into trouble. Take the time to think about your decisions and words. Your quick wit leads to a sharp tongue when angered. Your intuitive nature gives you an unfortunate ability to hurt others with your words, as you know exactly what to say.

Constant movement energizes you. You do not like taking the time to relax. Your soul yearns for freedom and adventure. This is not always healthy. As a 5 you must try hard to train yourself to relax and slow down. Your energy does have limits. So does the patience of your loved ones.