Loving is the greatest gift a 6 can give or receive. Those with soul urge 6 are caregivers. They live to love others and care for them, sometimes at the expense of their own needs. Do you enjoy making sacrifices for others? Do you crave recognition for the good you do? Then you are true to your soul urge.

Harmony, balance, justice and truth matter deeply to those with soul urge number 6. As a 6, you tend to avoid conflict and are quick to compromise. This does not mean you allow others to walk all over you. Your compassionate, self-sacrificing nature is paired with a strong sense of self. You give because giving makes you happy. Sometimes you neglect your own needs in order to address the needs of others. This is because you enjoy helping. It is not due to a lack of self respect.


Social 6s

Your caring, sensitive nature makes you an excellent friend. People come to you often for comfort and advice. You do your best to help your friends and family. Don’t worry about whether your advice is sound. You tend to dwell too much on the quality of your counsel when what really matters to your loved ones is your ability to listen and empathize.

Careers For 6s

Your love of caring for others makes you an excellent caregiver. Sixes are also creative and empathetic. Consider a career in health care if you have soul urge number 6. Counseling is intuitive for you and you can make a real difference in the lives of others.

Care giving is not your only strong suit. You value beauty and peace in your home and work environment. Your nature is creative and artistic. Consider a career that embraces these qualities and stay away from jobs that require conflict and debate.

Soul Urge Number 6Romance And 6

It is a mistake to view your faithful, caring nature as boring. Sixes make excellent romantic partners, especially in their youth. People are drawn to your aura. Your friendly nature is very attractive to others and they tend to respect you. You are satisfied with simplicity and your ability to intuit the needs of others makes you a talented partner. Those lucky enough to have a six in their life can attest to the pleasures of the relationship.

You value fidelity and longevity in your relationships. Unlike other numbers, chances are you will find what you seek. Sixes tend to form healthy, long lasting relationships and marriages that continually fulfill them throughout their lives.

Negative Nature

Too much of a good thing can be problematic. Don’t let your caring nature get the better of you. Take the time to take care of yourself. Expressing your own needs and desires is difficult for you. You find it much easier to listen to the needs of others. Remember that relationships work both ways. You appreciate when someone tells you what they need. Give your loved ones more credit and open up to them about your needs as well as theirs.