Numerology is the ancient study of the meaning of numbers in your name and birthday. It can reveal an incredible amount about your personality, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you want out of life. In numerology, there are five core numbers, your Life Path Number, your Expression or Destiny Number, your Day Number, your Personality Number, and your Soul Number, also known as your Heart’s Desire Number. Soul Urge Number 8’s are a powerful group of movers and shakers.


How To Find Your Soul Urge Number

The Soul Urge Number is found by using the vowel letters in the name you were given at birth. The vowel letters are softer and more vulnerable than the consonants, which is appropriate because the Soul Urge Number is the one that expresses the inner you. It reflects the inmost desires that drive you in whatever you do in life. Your Heart’s Desire is the underlying principle that your personality is based on, and reveals your private likes and dislikes.

Vowels Numeric Value

Calculate your number by assigning the following values to the numbers in your name. Use only the vowels in the name you were given at birth, even if that isn’t the name you are using now.






Add the values of all the vowels in your name together. If you get a two digit number when you add them up, add those two numbers together to reach your Soul Urge Number. Don’t reduce the numbers 11, 22 or 33 because those are considered Master Numbers in numerology.

Soul Urge Number 8Soul Urge Number 8

People who have a Soul Urge Number 8 are the leaders in the world. They desire power, status, and material wealth, and they are usually the ones in charge of things when it comes to business and commerce. They dream big dreams, and have the practical nature to make them a reality. Soul Urge Number 8’s have confidence and a huge amount of ambition, and use their good judgment to move up the ladder of success. They are good at keeping those below them organized and on track, they are great planners, and have quick minds that make important decisions easily. Status symbols are very important to them, and having the best things in life is a high priority.

On the negative side, Soul Urge Number 8’s can be dominating and overly authoritative. They can also be aggressive and greedy, and sometimes cruel, when it comes to achieving financial success and security. Positive traits include enthusiasm and unlimited drive. They are powerful, focused and efficient. As an 8 gets older, they become shrewd judges of character. They are wonderful leaders in politics, groups and business, and strive to meet the highest goals for themselves. They are practical, smart and honest. Soul Urge Number 8’s are constantly learning, growing and striving to achieve more in both life and business. They need to strive to use their power for good and noble causes.