What is a Soul Urge Number? This is the number in numerology that expresses the true you, and the real desires and motivations of our hearts. It reveals our innermost feelings, and shows what motivates us to do the things that we do in life. The Soul Urge Number is part of a group of five important numbers called the core numbers, your Day Number, your Personality Number, your Life Path Number, your Expression or Destiny Number, and your Soul Number. Soul Urge Number 9’s are the most idealistic and unselfish of all.


Soul Urge Number 9

Soul Urge Number 9’s are charismatic and compassionate. They are those who strive to make the world a better place. Humanitarians and philanthropists, Soul Urge Number 9’s care deeply about the fate of mankind, and want to help so much that it often involves self sacrifice. You will see Number 9’s in the helping professions as psychologists and therapists.

Soul Urge Number 9 people are very sensitive, and can be overly emotional. They want to create harmony in the world and make it a more beautiful place, so they are upset by conflict. They are peacemakers, and enjoy traveling and learning about others viewpoints. They enjoy finding common ground with others and meeting in the middle. Soul Urge Number 9’s have high ideals and are intuitive people who give freely of themselves. One of their negative traits is self-righteousness, because they are truly baffled by those who don’t share their altruistic viewpoint. As they age they need to learn to have patience with people who don’t share the same community spirit.

Soul Urge Number 9The Best Traits Of Soul Urge Number 9

They are sympathetic and genuine, and truly want to help. They want the best for others and are willing to sacrifice their time, money and efforts to achieve that goal. Number 9’s are visionaries. They like to share and are very generous. The are always looking at the best in others, and love is very special to them. They are also gentle and great with children and animals.

If you are a Soul Urge Number 9, you are likely to be volunteering your time for issues that are close to your heart, like environmental issues, social justice, animal rights, and other causes that address the big picture. Number 9’s have a broad world view and are very open minded.

How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Are you a Soul Urge Number 9? Your Soul Urge Number, or Heart’s Desire Number, is calculated using the vowels in your name. You should use your given name that is on your birth certificate. Write down all the vowels in your first, last and middle name, then add up the number values. The number values are A=1, E=5, 1=9, O=6, U=3. If your total is a two digit number such as 63, reduce it by adding those two numbers together to make 9. Calculating your Soul Number is easy, fun and eerily accurate!